Welcome to the Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ) website

Welcome to the Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ) website.

This website provides reliable, useful and evidence based information for health care professionals, and to the general public in the subject of nutrition and dietetics.

The Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ) was found in 1991 as a NGO.

We have almost 1300 members, including qualified dietitians (Bsc) post – graduate dietitians (Msc) and dietetic students. Among our members we also welcome other professionals, such as those who support our association.

Who is a dietitian? 

All dietitians are degree level qualified health care professionals who are statutorily regulated and recognised by the Government and other organisations. Registered dietitians assess, diagnose and treat the diet and nutritional needs for any related problem in healthy and unhealthy individuals and groups. Dietitians also get involved in social catering where diet is used to promote health, educate and advise people in nurseries, schools, hospitals and in care homes.

Dietitians help to promote nutritional well-being, prevent and treat nutrition-related health issues.

Our vision to ensure that dietitians are recognised as leaders in diet and nutrition matters in the following areas:

Prevention, acute hospital settings, communities, social sectors, catering/food industry, fitness and leisure centres, spa hotels, rehabilitation facilities, research, education and in private practices.

The aim of the Hungarian Dietetic Association:

  • As a professional body, we find it very important to focus on prevention and raise awareness towards nutrition and diet related problems. We promote healthy eating and influence government policies to enable the public’s health and knowledge.
  • We work together with other organisations to improve the status of health of Hungary.
  • We aim to improve the profession of dietetic and increase the quality of our service by carrying out more research, education, professional development programs and by organising and supporting more conferences to professionals and non-professionals.
  • Following international studies and implementing the newest nutritional guidelines.
  • Making our association more integrated and get our members involved in the planning of new professional protocols.
  • Enforcing the ethical interest of the dietetic profession.
  • Promoting and enabling the dietitians’ work among the population.
  • Building international relationships.
  • Organising and supporting more educational session to already qualified dietitians and to the public.
  • Processing and analysing professional literatures.
  • Creating evidence based accurate forums such as social media, where the public and health care professionals can find reliable materials to improve knowledge in the subject of nutrition and dietetics.
  • Represent and protect dietitians in every sector and help them to carry out their professional, legal and ethical rights.
  • Clarifying our social and economic rights as health care professionals and pass them to the decision-makers.
  • Professional representation of our members on national and international forums.

The Hungarian Dietetic Association is a member of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians since 1994 and from 2008 we have also become a member of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations which is a very crucial professional recognition of our organisation.



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